Clydesdale Jones is 
now part of the Liberty Group

Clydesdale Jones was recently acquired by 
the Liberty Group. The business has now resumed 
normal trading and welcomes new sales

enquiries from customers.

Operator control solutions 
for the off-highway market

Clydesdale Jones has over 6 decades of experience 

in engineering, manufacturing and supplying high quality

operator control solutions to blue chip clients in the

off highway sector. 

A wide range of operator
control products

Clydesdale Jones is known internationally for its high quality

engineered park brake levers. More recently the company has

also developed expertise in foot pedals, welded and

mechanical assemblies.

A wide range of standard and customisable park brake levers for the off-highway, automotive and niche vehicle sectors.

Designers and manufacturers of foot pedals and pedal boxes for the off-highway, performance and niche vehicle markets.

Manufacturers and suppliers of pressed, laser cut and welded assemblies as well as complex mechanical assemblies.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Vehicle Operator Interface Controls 

For over 60 years Clydesdale Jones has developed, designed, and manufactured Vehicle Operator Interface Controls such as hand and foot controls for road cars, off-road and specialist service vehicles, and at present also electric vehicles. The business specialises in:

  • Hand control solutions, i.e. parking brake levers and ratchet levers; 
  • Foot controls such as pedals, pedal box systems, pedal parking brakes and toe tredles, as well as
  • Manipulator controls with products such as joy sticks, back hoe, Hiab/crane and tail lifts.

Clydesdale Jones' reputation is built on high levels of technical support, excellence in manufacture, service and response. The company provides a one-stop solution to customers with various volumes - from one off to 100,000 parts per annum - with each application being bespoke and designed to order.