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Engineering and Design Expertise

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Over many years Clydesdale Jones' experienced design department has earned an enviable reputation throughout the off-highway vehicle market as a first class engineering service provider. The business' key strengths are:

  • Full in-house engineering and design capability
  • It is self-sifficient in its metal supply with all components being made internally and therefore with a guaranteed quality
  • Sensors can be sourced from any number of customer preferred suppliers
  • With an established international reputation for quality and delivery

Each of the company's engineered solutions commence with an OEM vehicle concept, and is then followed by system design, modelling, concept proving, prototype development, laboratory testing and field trials, leading to final integration, full production and after market support.

In designing all of their controls, Clydesdale Jones focus special attention on “crash safety" - i.e. inadvertent operation or release, particularly with pedals and pedal boxes - to ensure operator maximum control during vehicle crises.

The company's employment of the latest simulation software provides solid design foundations:

  • Full analysis and design capability is undertaken through Pro E, CATIA, SolidWorks
  • Pro Mechanica is used for Finite Element Analysis.

Mathematical modelling of concept is also utilised to prove designs, minimising development time, cost and testing, with value analysis and design simplification being key elements.

A development tool room has facilities for sample, prototype and pilot production. In house testing facilities are available for both static overload and cyclic testing. The dynamic test rigs are able to simulate a service lifetime of up to ten years, typically a minimum of 100,000 cycles under customer specified operating cable loads.

As a integral part of the design process, Clydesdale Jones employ a number of testing procedures including Climatic, Environmental and Fatigue testing, bespoke to each product application. Further test facilities are available for paint and plating thickness checks as well as surface and through hardness testing machines. 

Clydesdale Jones holds the universally recognised quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000, this along with many other customer approvals demonstrates the companies commitment to quality control throughout the organisation.