Standard Parking Brake Levers

Standard Parking Brake Levers

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Light duty ratchet levers

A variety of standard light duty ratchet levers covering a wide range of applications are available in both floor and side mount versions with both horizontal and vertical cable pulls. These are recommended for applications where the cable load required would not be in excess of 200lbf / 90kgf, i.e.:

  • Sports cars,
  • Light agricultural tractors,
  • Utility vehicles
  • Golf carts.

Over centre (toggle) levers

Features of these levers include good mechanical advantage, excellent cable travel, and are available with a safety latch and several grip options. The levers also offer both fixed and operator adjustable screw type grips, which allow cable adjustment at the lever. Based on the variable mechanical advantage principal initially there is a large linear movement against the output achieved. As the lever nears the over centre position the mechanical advantage increases as the linear movement achieved decreases until the lever passes the over centre position, when in theory the mechanical advantage is infinite.

Typical applications: Back hoe loaders, fork lift trucks, telehandlers, trenchers, airport tow trucks

Foot operated brake levers

Clydesdale Jones has a range of foot operated brake levers which offer good mechanical advantage and cable travel.

Typical applications:  Trenchers, fork lift trucks, sports utility vehicles


Heavy duty ratchet levers

A range of levers to suit the requirements of heavier duty applications are also available in two styles and several lengths for differing input to output ratios. These are recommended for uses where the cable load required would exceed 200lbf / 90kgf.

Typical applications: Agricultural tractors, wheel loaders, dumper trucks, fork lift trucks, boom locks.